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It's not like most little girls who grew up in the 1960's and 1970's thought, "oh I can't wait to grow up and pick my sperm over the Internet". But the truth is right now only 6% of American children will grow up in a "traditional family" and we have some of the best reproductive options worldwide. Documentary filmmaker Deirdre Fishel takes an intimate, behind the scenes look at her own experiences and that of three other diverse women as they go on a trip they never imagined--to try to have children solo using donor sperm.

Shot over several years, the film documents these four women as they deal with parents, money, one with a new boyfriend, another with her African American Baptist church, in order not to miss parenting. From the strangeness and humor of picking an anonymous donor to the creation of joyous families of both biological and adopted children, SPERM DONOR X: A Different Conception provides a powerful challenge to old ideas about making a family.



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