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Learn about NYS Infertility Demonstration Program that subsidizes higher level fertility treatments for women whose insurance doesn't cover them.




What People Are saying about the documentary:

In telling her own story and that of three other women, Deirdre Fishel speaks for the many thousands of women who have or are considering becoming single mothers by choice. Her openness and honesty are breathtaking. She presents a beautiful and indisputable counterpoint to the many incorrect assumptions about why women are pursuing parenthood on their own.               Jane Mattes, Founder and Director, Single Mothers By Choice

Sperm Donor X is a gem.  From pre-baby to discussions with family and friends --  it captures the dilemmas and joys of single parenting.  It also raises important questions about middle class women raising children with the help of a broad social network instead of live-in partners.  The doc is an exciting teaching tool for college courses, opening up critical dialogue about how U.S. families are changing.    Rosanna Hertz, Sociology, Women’s & Gender Studies, Wellesley College Author of: Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice: How Women are Choosing Parenthood without Marriage and Creating the New American Family

By following a group of women over several years, Sperm Donor X grounds and illuminates the social, economic & emotional issues of women trying to having children alone with reproductive technology. The diversity of the group and the diversity of their experiences makes this a truly powerful tool for discussion in University classrooms.                                                                                Josephine Anstey, Media Studies, University of Buffalo